Your pet is an important part of your family, and when he or she is ill, you want the best medical care available.

The veterinarians and staff at our clinic are ready to provide your pet with cutting edge veterinary medical care. From wellness exams and vaccines to advanced diagnostics and complex surgical procedures, your pet will receive high quality care at our hospital.

Routine Vaccines and Preventative Care

Animal Hospital of Garland’s routine vaccinations and preventative care will give your pet a healthy start to a long, happy life! Routine vaccination provides necessary protection against a variety of viruses and bacteria that can cause serious illness and health consequences. Equally important is parasitic prevention, which keeps your loved-ones safe from a variety of parasites, including heartworms, fleas, ticks and intestinal parasites.Animals age 5 to 7 years for every one of ours. Because they age more rapidly, semi annual exams are very important.

Wellness Bundles

To better serve our clients, and their pets, we offer convenient wellness bundles. These bundles were crafted by our experienced veterinarian, to ensure your pet receives all the wellness care they need to help them lead happy healthy lives. Please give us a call for information on pricing, and descriptions of the bundles we have available for your pet.


Animal Hospital of Garland is equipped with an advanced in-house laboratory allowing for accurate results in a matter of minutes. The technicians of Animal Hospital of Garland are fully trained to utilize every aspect of our in house technology leading to a faster diagnosis, and allowing us to treat your pet immediately for their aliment. Our capabilities include, but are not limited to chemistries, electolytes, CBC, urinanlysis, cytology and fecals.


For patients who are in need of other tests we utilize IDEXX laboratories daily, allowing access to a variety of specialist including boarded pathologists.


Dentistry is an important part of your pets overall health. Animal Hospital of Garland offers a variety of dental services, from routine prophylaxis cleaning to oral surgery. Our veterinarians are equipped to provide your pet with a comfortable, clean and healthy smile.

Drop off exam arrangements to accommodate your work schedule

Drop-off examinations are offered as a convenience to our clients, giving the peace of mind that comes with knowing their pets can receive needed care regardless of their caretakers’ hectic schedules.


Animal Hospital of Garland’s experienced medical staff is specially trained to safely anesthetize, monitor and recover all surgical patients. In addition to spay/neuter procedures, we offer extensive soft tissue procedures, such as, exploratories, foreign bodies, mass removals, and other surgical operations.

Emergency Care and Walk-ins

In the event your pet requires urgent care, the professional staff of Animal Hospital of Garland will provide immediate and compassionate treatment in their time of need. Our hospital is equipped with the latest in-house laboratory technology for on-site diagnostics.

Walk-ins are always welcome and will be accommodated as soon as practicable. A trained technician will triage all incoming patients upon arrival, so that our doctors properly prioritize treatment schedules and owners receive immediate feedback as to severity of injury or ailment. Your pet’s health is our number one concern.

Digital Radiology

Digital Radiology is available on-site for the immediate diagnosis of trauma, foreign bodies, fractured bones, tissue health and organs. Once radiographs are taken, our skilled veterinarians interpret the findings and send images to a boarded radiologist for a second opinion. Just as is standard in the human health field, a specialist reads all radiograph images taken at Animal Hospital of Garland.


Animal Hospital of Garland has state of the art digital radiology available on site. Radiographs are recommended for a variety of reasons allowing our doctors to see organs and bones in an interactive format. We also have 24/7 access to a boarded radiologist to review your pet’s films allowing us to provide the highest level of diagnosis in minutes.

Boarding and Bathing Services

We invite your pets to stay with us the next time you leave town. Our attentive kennel techs will meet your pets’ every need while boarding at Animal Hospital of Garland. Overnight guests will enjoy daily playtime. Inside their personalized kennel lodging, they will be fed twice a day and enjoy air-conditioned protection from the heat. A soothing bath typically caps off your pet’s relaxing stay.

Doggie daycare is also available for pets wanting supervised care during the daytime. They will enjoy the same amenities as our overnight guests with the added bonus of returning home with their families by 6:00pm each night!


Let your pet enjoy a visit with our expert groomer! Baths include, bath, dry, brush, nail trim, ear cleaning, paw pads and sanitary trim, cologne, and a bandana or bow to top off their fresh look. A grooming session includes everything in the bath, plus a haircut. Our groomer also offers, de-shedding, de-matting, nail filing, and nail polish. Call today to get your pet the perfect look!



For $250 you get

  • Complete physical exam
  • Core Vaccines
  • Intestinal Parasite Testing
  • Heartworm testing for dogs
  • Base Labwork (10 Chemistries to give a snapshot of internal organ function)

This represents a savings of over $50



For $298 you get

  • Geared toward pets over 7 years
  • Include all of our best care plus
    • Larger lab panel
    • Thyroid level
    • Urinalysis

This represents a savings of over $100


Senior 65+ Discount Hours

Seniors over the age of 65 can benefit from our Senior Hours. 15% off services will be offered from 2pm – 5 pm on Wednesdays and Thursdays. This offer does not apply to grooming, medication or Best Care packages.


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